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Maximus North is a Vitki from Hertfordshire, England, UK.

A practitioner of the shamanic arts of Gandur/Galdor and a teacher of the Runic/Oghamic mysteries.

With over a decade of experience he offers one on one Northern mystery school classes along with rune readings and consultations

Here at the Falcon Eye Coven we initiate and give mentorship to individuals into the Northern mystery tradition.

The Northern tradition is the animistic esoteric mystery tradition of the Germanic and Celtic ancestors from the Northwest of Europe. The Northern tradition is a path work that requires an eternal love of knowledge and wisdom an ongoing quest for truth behind the secrets of the universe while connected to your Fylgja/Fetch (Higher self).

The Northern mystery tradition is not the the Western mystery tradition as the Western tradition has its origins in the eastern mediterranean and not in northwestern Europe.

Though there are perennial commonalities between the two there are also strong differences.

The Northern tradition is not a religion or a cult. It is an esoteric mystery tradition that is not for everyone and only for a minority of individuals that have an authentic calling to this path work of high knowledge and wisdom.

The basis of the mystery school teachings are the shamanic arts of Gandur and Galdor.

The occult sciences of the Runes and Ogham along with the access to the nine worlds of Yggdrasill and unlocking the multiple aspects of the Northern soul complex.

We also combine other perennial fragments of the occult arts and sciences from both the western and eastern esoteric traditions which include Astrology, Hermeticism, Yoga, Taoism etc. while having the Runic and Oghamic mysteries as the primary base to our teachings.

This is a path for wolves, not sheep. We do not want followers. We want to mentor and initiate those that have the potential to become their own self masters of their personal Orlog/Wyrd (Destiny/Fate).


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